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We’ve got your back.

User FAQs

Individuals who have elected to identify themselves in multiple ways, such as the inconsistent use of a middle initial, may show up more than once in your search result. This is by design to ensure records are accurately represented, especially in cases where individuals are distinguished by their middle initial.

Yes, LeadFrog has an Analyst License that allows specifically for that use case. As you identify leads you can export them to excel or other formats as they are made available.

Yes. We see call centers using it to identify and validate prospects/leads; updating customer profiles with robust information about each customer’s affiliations, publications, sponsors, funding, and more; and even in support of conferences and events to identify potential attendees based on relationships and areas of interest.

For those that search the names of their existing customers or closest collaborators we have seen significant success in finding people that are very receptive to outreach about collaborations, products, and services due to the strong relationship with the person that was originally searched.

If you have a new product or service, or new area of research interest, you can also enter the name of a key opinion leader and then find numerous people like that person who collaborate with that key opinion leader from around the globe in a matter of seconds. Likewise, using key search terms, you can identify key opinion leaders around the world and then use those collaboration networks to identify key prospects.

Vertolo’s LeadFrog solution is a revolutionary step forward.  Our algorithms identify global networks of collaborators for any name or search term(s) entered. In addition, by entering search terms you can identify key opinion leaders by topical area. Our collaborator search results are akin to a direct referral from the name you searched to each person that shows up in the search results. 

Simply put, no other search engine uses the name of your best customer or closest colleague to instantly identify, score, and recommend new closely aligned and qualified collaborators or leads.

The search results are laid out with the person most relevant to your search term(s) at the top of the list.

On the left side of the screen you will see filters that allow you to sort the results by year(s), subjects(s), publication(s), sponsor(s), and numerous other criteria.

Clicking on any name displays the works by that person that were found as a result of your current search. To see all of the collaborators for any listed name, merely click on the magnifying glass next to that name and you will launch a new search on that specific person which will show all known collaborators for that person and all of their known works.

Yes. To get the most relevant results you should put commas between each search term and capitalize cities and proper names. (For example: diabetes, San Francisco, Jane Doe).

Go to the search bar and type in the search terms that are most relevant to your area of interest. LeadFrog is optimized to find the names of people that are most relevant to your search terms. Remember to put commas between each search term and capitalize cities, states, and proper names.

LeadFrog is designed to maintain your login as long as you remain active. After 60 minutes of inactivity, your session will automatically terminate in order to protect your credentials from being compromised, and your data from being stolen.

LeadFrog allows you to reset your password using your preferred email address. Once the password reset process is initiated, a password reset link will be sent to you via email, requiring you to set a new password.

LeadFrog uses the latest in Bootstrap web development framework, making it highly compatible with all mainstream browsers for all popular operating systems, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge, Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, etc.

LeadFrog uses the latest in React web development framework, making it highly compatible with all mainstream browsers for all popular mobile device operating systems, such as those running on Apple iOS, and Android.

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