New School

Search. Refine. Connect.

New School

Search. Refine. Connect.

LeadFrog is a groundbreaking tool, helping you achieve better results with fewer resources at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional sources.

Our disruptive solution uses your customers, names of key opinion leaders, and key words to enable the creation of powerful new relationships, almost as if the information you entered created a direct introduction to the network of collaborators identified. Jump on board with LeadFrog today.

Getting Started

Start by entering a name, institution, location and/or key word(s) and LeadFrog searches thousands of databases to find industry leaders and their collaborators most closely aligned to your search terms. Separate search terms by commas, capitalize names, states and institutions, and we do the rest.

Focusing On What Matters

Refine your search results by dynamically filtering using ORCID, Year, Work Type, Publications and more. LeadFrog allows you to hone in on individuals that most aligns with your focus.

Digging In

Beyond names and affiliation, LeadFrog makes you an insider by showing you all known published works and collaborations for each individual. Where possible, a direct link is provided so you can learn more.

Finding Collaborators

With a single click, LeadFrog will show you everything we know about an individual along with all known collaborators.